Special Event Update!

As we quickly approach the first weekend of our special event for Truman Dam, we want to release some information here on our site about our plans!

Since this is our very first special event, there is a lot for us to learn. Our goal for the Truman Dam event is to have fun making contacts and have a barbecue to encourage camaraderie within our club. As we begin to hold more special events, we will advertise more and really build these events into big club activities!

Here is the page containing our certificate example. We will offer two different delivery methods: a PDF via email or a full color certificate if recipients provide a self-addressed stamped envelope. We will be seeking volunteers to fulfill the certificate preparation in August.

We are also looking for designs for QSL cards for this event as well as for the club in general. Photos of the dams which can be used are available in our Facebook group.

We have been approved for the use of a 1×1 callsign: W0T, which caused Renee to create the following meme:

Sandy Crane AE0DU has graciously accepted the responsibility of coordinating the sides for the potluck style barbecue. Please contact her via the post in our Facebook group to let her know what you would like to bring! We have had seven people donate money for the meat so far and this will be purchased from The Butcher Shop in Camdenton.

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