Last Few Days of our Inaugural Special Event!

Hello, my D.A.R.K.lings!

Phew! It’s been a week, hasn’t it??? We have had a mixed bag of conditions and propagation on the bands since the 20th when our event started! For the most part, Renee has worked on 10m phone for a bit, but most of our contacts have been on 20m phone with a sprinkling of 40m phone for fun. Stephen has also been working CW as a bonus for this event, so we are very excited about this new aspect!

Today, I will be back on 20m phone for the W0T/KE0TGG 40th Anniversary of Truman Dam and Reservoir Special Event. After I finish training the CERT class tomorrow afternoon…you guessed it, probably 20m phone again! But I will have an eye on propagation and if other bands open up, I will try my luck there. Sunday is a free for all where I will operate for as long as I can stave off my migraines so as many people as possible have the chance to work us for the event!

HERE is the QSO information for the SE.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in making this effort a success, whether you helped log our paper contacts into the computer program, volunteer to help with the certificates/QSL cards, work the radio, and any other part you take in this special event!


Sam Henley KE0LMY

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Hi! My name is Sam! I serve as the Public Information Officer (PIO) for Sleeper/Stoutland Volunteer Fire Departments. I hold a general class amateur radio license, call sign KE0LMY. I serve as the Director of Camden County, MO Emergency Management Agency. I also serve as the Treasurer of the Missouri Emergency Management Association and the Public Relations Manager of the Missouri CERT Association.

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