Inaugural Event a SUCCESS!

Circumstances being what the were (rough band conditions, a limited number of operators available, lots of other things happening for the members of the group, etc.), I am going to call our inaugural event a success! We had a total of 283 contacts for this event on the 10m, 20m, and 40m. We had wonderful conversations and everyone was polite to our operators. This was important because we had one young ham (KE0LMZ) operating 10m. We want to thank ALL of the hams who took part and worked with us through the band conditions to make those hard contacts!

A beautiful certificate will go out by email as a PDF which you can print if you request it here. For the landmark numbers (40th, 50th, 100th, 150th, etc.), your certificate will have a couple of differences!

We are already receiving QSL cards and requests in the mail. I am still finalizing the special event QSL cards and we will have about 300 of those made up to send out and pass out! If you want a printed copy of your certificate, please make sure you include a 9×12 envelope so it is big enough for the certificate without folding. If you only send a small envelope, we will assume you just want the QSL card. Thank you!

We have more events scheduled over the next year, so if you haven’t already, feel free to subscribe to our blog! You’ll know when the events are, what call sign we will operate under, where the public location will be, and more!

Signing off for KE0TGG/W0T,

Sam Henley KE0LMY


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Sam Henley

Hi! My name is Sam! I serve as the Deputy Director of the Benton County, MO Emergency Management. I maintain the BC MO EM FB Page: @bcmoem and website: I am the callsign trustee for the BC MO EM. Our callsign is WB0EM. I was appointed the Emergency Coordinator for our local Benton County, MO ARES (Missouri, U.S.A.) on October 31, 2017. I earned my general class amateur radio license (KE0LMY) on October 14, 2017. I run the BC ARES net every few Sunday nights (alternating with other group members) at 7 PM CST on 146.925 (–) PL 107.2. I maintain the Benton County, MO ARES Facebook page: @bentoncountyares and website: I am the president of D.A.R.K. Dam Amateur Radio Klub (KE0TGG), a special events club which supports the BC ARES. You can find more information about D.A.R.K. at or on the Facebook group I volunteer as the Public Information Officer for the Warsaw Fire Protection District, maintaining their Facebook page @wfpd65355 and their website, updating both with current information regularly. I also manage the Warsaw Christian Church website, updating it weekly with a blog from Pastor Richard Bowman, as well as his sermon. I completed Community Emergency Response Team training with the Camden County, MO CERT and the Benton County, MO CERT and became a team member on March 26, 2018. I volunteer as the Benton County, MO CERT's Public Information Officer. I manage the BC MO CERT FB group, FB page @bcmocert and webpage. I volunteer as Camden County, MO CERT's Social Media Manager and manage their website and Facebook page @CamdenMOCERT. I am one of the certified G428 certified CERT trainers for Benton County, MO. I serve as the Net Control Manager for the Region A Healthcare Net. This is a net which tests the amateur radio backup communications system for healthcare facilities in MO Region A once per month. I have completed both online and in-seat SKYWARN training, as well as Radar Fundamentals and I am Spotter #4 for the Lake Area Storm Spotters. I hold the following FEMA certifications: IS 029, IS 042, IS 100b, IS 101c, IS 102c, IS 120a, IS 130a, IS 139a, G191, IS 200b, IS 201, IS 230d, IS 235c, IS240b, IS241b, IS242b, IS244b, IS 247a, IS 248, IS 288a, G 251, G 300, IS 315, IS 317, PER 334, PER 343, G 400, IS 700a, IS 775, and IS 800c, IS 907, IS 2200, G 2300. I have completed the ARRL EC-001, EC-016, and PR-101 courses and completed CPR/AED/First Aid training for adults/children/infants on March 3, 2018. I have also completed L146 HSEEP training, MO126 WebEOC training, MO127 WebEOC Train the Trainer training, Damage Assessment training, MO146 Emergency Management Director's Academy, and most recently G449 Incident Command System Train the Trainer through MO SEMA. You can find me on Facebook at on twitter @ke0lmy and at AirSho as