New Look for 2021!

We are excited to try out a new look for our website as we prepare to move into 2021 and leave 2020 FAR in our rearview! We kept the previous look of the website for the first two years of our club’s existence and we wanted to bring a much more professional, enjoyable look now that D.A.R.K. is gaining ground in the Special Event community!

Gone are the days of our dark (haha!) sidebar and the blog rolling all over the photo of our dams. NOW you can see the amazing Harry S. Truman Dam clearly before scrolling down to the blog post. Other improvements coming up include a smaller menu at the top, updated member page, and the addition of a page for Silent Keys.

Thank you to all of our members for taking the time to participate in our special events! No matter how little or how much each of you contribute, you are the heart and soul of our little club! We are excited to move the Stockton and Bagnell Dam events to 2021. It gives us more time to plan some really awesome activities and reach out to the members of the public. They will be happy to have a reason to get outside after being “Cooped up for COVID” and we’re just the ones to bring them some entertainment and education on our hobby!

Can’t wait to see you all!

Published by Sam Henley

Hi! My name is Sam! I serve as the Public Information Officer (PIO) for Sleeper/Stoutland Volunteer Fire Departments. I hold a general class amateur radio license, call sign KE0LMY. I serve as the Director of Camden County, MO Emergency Management Agency. I also serve as the Treasurer of the Missouri Emergency Management Association and the Public Relations Manager of the Missouri CERT Association.

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