Birthday Announcement

The Dam Amateur Radio Klub would like to wish Ken Vining KE0QAL a happy birthday!

[Image description: there is a banner with green, black, and dark blue flags on it at the top of the picture. In the bottom left is a dark blue party popper with confetti flying out of it, and in the bottom right is a long, dark blue streamer surrounded by green and red confetti. In the middle of the image there is text saying “Happy Birthday Ken Vining from D.A.R.K.!” End description.]

Coloring Pages

Hey everyone, Renee here! I recently finished designing two coloring pages, which I’m excited to share with you!

The first is one I like to call “Find the Fox,” which I finished creating yesterday. In this image, you’ll see Yagi Bear using a directional antenna to help him find Foxtrot, who’s hiding in this image as well!

find the fox

I titled the second image “Field Day: Bringing People Together.” In this image, Foxtrot and Yagi Bear are sitting on a hill, with Foxtrot holding a handheld radio and Yagi Bear wearing headphones.

field day; bringing people together

You can find the PDFs below, which are better for printing them out to color.

find the fox

field day; bringing people together

New Members!

We'd like to welcome our new members, Kellee Bell

Picture description: There are blue and green fireworks over a black background. Over the fireworks in white letters are the words, “We’d like to welcome our new members, Kellee Bell KM7BEL and John Bell KI7CMV. Welcome to the Dark Side, we have donuts.” In the bottom right corner is the D.A.R.K. logo. At the bottom in small white letters are the words, “Created by R. Cason 2018 for the Dam Amateur Radio Klub.” End description.

Introduction of Foxtrot’s Little Hams

Foxtrot's Little Hams Aesthetic Board

Welcome one and all! I’m Renee, secondary leader of Foxtrot’s Little Hams, behind Foxtrot himself! We’re a group that helps kids under eighteen years old get their ham radio licenses and we also help them get into the world of amateur radio!

We’re getting ready to do a lot of fun stuff around Halloween and Christmas time! Foxtrot and I are going to have costumes for Halloween, and we’ll be making gifts for Christmas for the rest of the D.A.R.K. group!

You can find the Foxtrot’s Little Hams page link to the left or click here!

That’s all for now! This is KE0LMZ, clear!