Available Positions

Technical Researcher/Writer-the person responsible for these articles will be free to either personally write the article or bring information to our members/website about other helpful articles which have been written (giving full credit to the author/group).

Dam Information Researcher-the person responsible for gathering information about dams in our area or in areas our members travel to on vacation/business/etc.  This person will assist Sam in creating the official certificates/QSL cards for special events held at said dams.

Graphics Manager-the person responsible for creating graphics to use on the website, at events, on publications, etc.  If you have a talent for making eye-catching graphics, we would love your help!  Right now, our graphics are created at canva.com.

Public Information Officer-the person responsible for providing a public face for our club.  This person must be well-spoken, properly groomed, and be willing to attend different functions and events to get the word out about the club and its goals.  This person must also undergo PIO training overseen by the Club President.

Club Elmers-the people responsible for helping new hams get adjusted to the world of ham radio.  These people will be responsible for helping new hams get their radios programmed, teach them how to do radiograms/ICS213s, teach them how to ID and talk on the radio, answer their questions, etc.  This is one of the MOST important positions in the group.  WE NEED YOU!

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