Promoting Our Special Event!

UPDATE: Below is the Video Link for Wednesday, Dec 2 RATPAC Zoom presentation (Sorry about our internet connection!)   Topic: Best Dam Christmas -D.A.R.K Dam Amateur Radio Klub special event  Speakers: Sam Henley, KE0LMY and Renee Cason KE0LMZ   Viewing: Download: Documents: PDF of the presentation: Season’s Greetings all! Sam here! A fantastic new chance to promote our BEST DAM CHRISTMAS Special Event justContinue reading “Promoting Our Special Event!”

D.A.R.K., HAMster Weak Signal Group, and HAM Talk

Hey everyone, KE0LMZ here! On Sunday, Club President Sam Henley KE0LMY and I were up in Warsaw filming a segment for a YouTube series called “HAM Talk”, brought to you by the HAMster Weak Signal Group. In it, I was interviewed about my entry into amateur radio, which you’ll get to watch when it comesContinue reading “D.A.R.K., HAMster Weak Signal Group, and HAM Talk”