Foxtrot’s Little Hams

Welcome one and all! I’m KE0LMZ (Renee), secondary leader of Foxtrot’s Little Hams behind Foxtrot himself! We’re a group that helps kids under eighteen years old get their ham radio licenses and we also help them get into the world of amateur radio!

Catch up with Foxtrot and KE0LMZ (Renee) at the BC ARES Kid’s Corner Editorial!

Show-Me Partnership Conference

Our newest graphic for Foxtrot's Little Hams, which is centered around the Show-Me Partnership Conference that I attended on Tuesday and Wednesday! We took the photos while we were there, mostly in the Japanese Garden that was attached to the Lodge of Four Seasons. There was a chess set in the lobby, where Foxtrot defeated me with the help of someone on the other end of the radio.

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A new graphic from Foxtrot himself!

Banner Update!


Foxtrots Little Hams! Email header


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Foxtrot and His Cousins, Here to Remind You to Stay Warm and Safe This Winter

Foxtrot and his cousins are here to remind you to stay warm and safe this winter! Remember to keep a radio with you!

Click here to take the Foxtrot’s Fun Friends Quiz today and find out which of Foxtrot’s friends you are!

January 2020: Activity: The Maze of Foxtrot

Let’s see if you can get out of Foxtrot’s maze! Start in the center block and work your way out!
All done? The answer is down at the bottom of the page!

January 2019 Activity: Foxtrot Hide and Seek

G J W G B R V T X T V X D W A 
M T O R T X O F N H H T V N E 
I B B J T C O I P U X B T C M 
K M Z Z E X B P E S H E M I A 
C Y C C M C D S K C N X J X C 
H E M K P E J H O N R W Y R A 
C O M M U N I C A T I O N S L 
Z N Y E W A V E D A U J L P L 
X E Z C R E Q D J I R T M X S 
M I R A S G E I Y K K C N P I 
R W Q O E E E H W E N E O U G 
Q L H F X L C N E S Z P U P N 
Q W L N M T Q S C N Y K C I J 
X K V P D G Y P L Y Q L N U L 
J S K K O I C Y J Z I T O S J 

November 2018 Activity: Follow Foxtrot Part 2

Foxtrot Maze

October 2018 Activity: Follow Foxtrot Part 1

10 by 10 orthogonal maze (1)
January 2020 solution!
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