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Greetings, all!

PHEW! It has been one of the oddest years, with a pandemic causing us to reschedule our Stockton and Bagnell Dam Special Events to 2021.

We have FANTASTIC news for you, though! Thanks to a stroke of genius by Roger (KD0WXT), we are hosting a month long Special Event called the “BEST DAM CHRISTMAS” Event!

We are going to be transmitting throughout the month of December (December 1, 2020 0:00 UTC-December 31,2020 11:59 UTC) on 10m (phone near 28.440), 20m (phone near 14.240), 40m (phone near 7.240), and 80m (phone near 3.840), via phone, digital, and CW to give everyone a chance to have a little Christmas fun on the airwaves!

Keep an eye on our KE0TGG QRZ page for more information!

Below you will see our QSL card, which we had a super fun time designing!

ARRL Field Day

ARRL Official Site

ARRL Official 2020 Rules Packet

Example Field Day Scripts

Example CW Message for Field Day

CQ Field Day, CQ Field Day, (your callsign) 1D (or 1E) MO.

1E is for if you are running on emergency power. Otherwise you use 1D.

Example Phone Script for Field Day

To call for contacts:
CQ Field Day, CQ Field Day, CQ Field Day! This is (your callsign), CQ Field Day!

Once you have a contact:
(Their callsign), this is (your callsign) 1F MO!

To end contact:
Q R Zed.

Thank you to Benton County, MO and Benton County, MO Emergency Management for the use of their Emergency Communications for this exercise and contest!

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