September Meeting Update

Hello, my D.A.R.K.lings!!!

Sam here!

D.A.R.K.’s September meeting was jam-packed full of fun activity plans and encouraging progress! Of course, the meeting minutes will be posted, but I want to hit the highlights.

We had to wait for additional time for the certificates to be completed for the Truman Dam event. Those will go out Monday. Here is the proof for the QSL card for the SE:

We made a few minor changes to the back (because I forgot to include info in the original email), and we should receive information on the cards shortly.

Roger brought up partnering with Handi-Hams, since we have restored EchoLink to the Benton County repeater. Kelly Stanfield W0YQG is going to be our liaison for that!

The first round of D.A.R.K. T-shirts have been ordered. I’ll let everyone know when they should come in and how much each shirt will be once I have that info.

We are working on putting our VE Team and our Elmer/Elmira Team together and getting those two projects up and running.

We are in the planning stages for the next Special Event for the club which will be held at Pomme de Terre Dam during the week of November 16-23. Working out the details with the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Once that is locked in, we will commence with the fun part of planning the event. We also discussed what logging program/method we want to use since we are hoping for more operators on this one! We plan to operate Phone and CW so far. Digital will be offered if it becomes available during that week. Stay tuned for more details!

Stay tuned for more updates!


Sam Henley KE0LMY

Special Event Certificates!

Hello, all!

Sam here!

I was able to send out all of the certificates requested via email as PDFs today. Below you will see an example of each of the certificates.

The first certificate was the one we distributed to most participants for the event.

For certain benchmark numbers in our special event (40, 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250), we created a slightly different certificate, which you can view an example of below!

I will do my best to get the physical certificates requested via mail out by the end of the week.

I want to thank Renee KE0LMZ. She was amazing. When she wasn’t operating the special event, she was logging for me. That first couple of hours were so fast, with several special events for the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing occurring, and without her I would have been a mess trying to capture info while working the pileups! Great job, Kiddo!

I am already in the process of working out our next special event in October for Pomme de Terre Dam! Hope to talk to everyone on the air!


Sam Henley KE0LMY

Birthday Announcement

Happy birthday Kelly Stanfield (W0YQG) from all of us here at D.A.R.K.!

[Photo ID: at the top of the photo in Krispy Kreme Green is the phrase “Happy birthday, Kelly!” In the middle of the photo is a block of dark blue text that reads “The rest of us from the Dam Amateur Radio Klub wish you a happy birthday and many radios!” At the bottom of the image on the left is a green present with dark blue ribbons and bows. At the bottom on the right is an outline of a cake in light tan and gold with a small red flame at the top of the cake. End ID.]

D.A.R.K. Elections

Okay ladies and gentlemen. The ballot has been set up here: to vote for the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary positions of D.A.R.K. for the next year.

Your Voter ID is your first initial and last name (no space between them i.e. SHenley) and you can private message me on Facebook or at my email address for your voter key.

The official members listed on the members page are the ones who are authorized to vote.

If “Write in” wins in any of the four places, we will do the write in ballot at the upcoming August 10th meeting. If “None” wins in any of the four places, we will have to find people to fill the positions who are not currently club members. I sincerely hope that is not the best course of action, but all possibilities had to be included for a fair voting system.

Good luck to those who are considering a position in the council!

Inaugural Event a SUCCESS!

Circumstances being what the were (rough band conditions, a limited number of operators available, lots of other things happening for the members of the group, etc.), I am going to call our inaugural event a success! We had a total of 283 contacts for this event on the 10m, 20m, and 40m. We had wonderful conversations and everyone was polite to our operators. This was important because we had one young ham (KE0LMZ) operating 10m. We want to thank ALL of the hams who took part and worked with us through the band conditions to make those hard contacts!

A beautiful certificate will go out by email as a PDF which you can print if you request it here. For the landmark numbers (40th, 50th, 100th, 150th, etc.), your certificate will have a couple of differences!

We are already receiving QSL cards and requests in the mail. I am still finalizing the special event QSL cards and we will have about 300 of those made up to send out and pass out! If you want a printed copy of your certificate, please make sure you include a 9×12 envelope so it is big enough for the certificate without folding. If you only send a small envelope, we will assume you just want the QSL card. Thank you!

We have more events scheduled over the next year, so if you haven’t already, feel free to subscribe to our blog! You’ll know when the events are, what call sign we will operate under, where the public location will be, and more!

Signing off for KE0TGG/W0T,

Sam Henley KE0LMY


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